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Knowing your profession in depth is for us the only way to be always up to your expectations in terms of usability, reliability, and performance of our aerial platforms.

From construction to tree care, from plant maintenance to restoration, whatever your activity, we can always offer you the most innovative and effective solution to solve all your work problems, with products and services designed starting from the analysis of your specific needs.

The complete range of CMC platforms

High technology, low electrical risk

Electrically insulated up to 46kV and equipped with the most advanced technology. This platform allows it to operate efficiently and it provides protection when working on or near high-voltage lines.

The Full Hydraulic all-rounder

The most compact of the entire range, fully hydraulic, is perfect for all small jobs thanks to the excellent ratio between size, weight, and performance.

Simply perfect

The middle one of the Full Hydraulic family, combines ease of use with excellent performance including maximum reach regardless of the weight in the basket.

The big one with hydraulic heart

The largest of the Full Hydraulic family combines the simplicity of the controls with the robustness of the structure thus making it a perfect machine for rental.

Lightweight champion

Agile and versatile, it has unexpected qualities for a product of this category such as the long horizontal outreach without limitations and the possibility of jib up translation.

No-limit outreach

No outreach limiter and no limit for your work with this articulated platform with double pantograph and telescopic boom plus jib.

The maximum even in minimum spaces

Designed to offer great performance even in extremely small space conditions, thanks to the narrowest stabilization area in its category.

Multitasking ready for anything

Unparalleled performance for this platform that guarantees maximum working performance on the most difficult terrain thanks to its articulated stabilizers.

Pure Reliability

With its high leveling capacity articulated stabilizers, it guarantees maximum efficiency even under extreme conditions of use.

One for all

All the experience and technology of CMC are contained in this latest generation platform capable of excellent performance in all types of applications.

The strength of technology

27.3 meters of working height, lateral outreach of 15.4 meters and the possibility to work at -6.7 meters below the level of the platform. With four stabilisation areas, it can handle a wide range of tasks with unparalleled efficiency and reliability

Born to overcome every obstacle

With four stabilisation areas, two working areas and up and over outriggers, this is a spider aerial platform that can work on any terrain and reach even the most difficult spots, thanks to its 30.3 metres of maximum working height, 15.4 metres of lateral outreach and 6.7 metres below the level of the platform.

Top performance

Dizzying numbers for this first in the class: from 2 to 32 meters in height (3.2 in negative), 220 kg maximum capacity in basket, tracks variable in height and width.

It does things big

Unreachable when it comes to doing things big, with its 41 meters of maximum height, 19 meters of lateral outreach and less than 4 m for levelling.

our tracked aerial platforms

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